Tactical Security Guard

West Egg Security is a leading Toronto security company offering tactical security solutions across Ontario. Led by a team of professionally-trained tactical security specialists, we offer a selection of protective services for the public and private sectors. We believe in providing the highest quality protection to communities in Ontario.

Learn how our tactical security personnel can help you keep your people and properties safe.

Elevated Personnel Security Services

We’re committed to offering the highest-quality security solutions to clients in Toronto and across Ontario. Whether you’re managing a residentialcommercial, or corporate property, protecting your guests and employees is our top priority. Our tactical response security personnel are trained to respond to any concerns that may arise, including property damage, theft, and harassment.

We work alongside our clients to create security solutions that meet their individual needs, ensuring their people and properties are kept out of harm’s way.

Why Hire Tactical Security Personnel

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Enhanced Customer Service

Our tactical security services are designed with our clients’ and their customers’ best interests in mind. We ensure your guests’ needs are met at every turn.

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Peace of Mind

We offer a personal approach to traditional security solutions, connecting with guests and forming long-lasting relationships to ensure their peace of mind.

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Experienced Security Specialists

With our trusted Canadian tactical security personnel on-site, your guests and employees can safely engage with your products or services without hesitation.

Strategic Tactical Security Personnel Solutions

If you’re looking for an elevated approach to traditional security services, West Egg Security offers bespoke solutions for Toronto’s leading private and public companies. Our tactical security specialists are leaders in their industry with decades of experience in direct security management. We work with clients across a spectrum of industries, ranging from retail and hospitality to healthcare and manufacturing.

With our tactical response practices in place, your people and property are always protected.

West Egg Security

West Egg Security is proud to be a security company with over 50 years of tactical security experience in Toronto and across Ontario. We work with clients in the public and private sectors to help them enhance their current security practices and embrace modern resources and innovative technologies. Each of our tactical security specialists is trained to respond to unusual or dangerous situations swiftly and with the highest level of professionalism.

We work diligently to ensure our clients, their guests, and employees are protected at all costs.

Frequently Asked Questions About Tactical Security Personnel

A tactical security guard is responsible for observing and reporting unusual or inappropriate behaviour to their client, including loitering, vandalism, or theft. A tactical response security officer must document any security-related incidents in addition to surveillance and property patrol duties. They are expected to have an advanced level of integrated security systems and ensure all restricted areas are secured for their clients.


Tactical security personnel in Toronto and Ontario must provide an elevated approach to traditional security services, ensuring all guests, tenants, and employees feel secure entering and exiting the premises.

As a property owner, your customers, tenants, and employees deserve to feel safe and comfortable engaging your products or services with one another. A Toronto tactical security specialist plays an important part in facilitating these interactions.


A tactical security specialist in Ontario is a highly trained individual with the tools and resources to effectively monitor your property, conduct video surveillance, and engage with all incoming and outgoing visitors. They are responsible for responding to various calls for assistance and filing incident reports to ensure complete transparency and accountability.


With on-site tactical security personnel, your guests can feel protected from internal or external threats, including theft, vandalism, and harassment.

At West Egg Security, we’re proud to offer a range of customized tactical personnel security services, including:

  • Uniformed Personnel
  • Gatehouse Operations
  • Commercial Concierge
  • Parking Enforcement


With a trusted security specialist on-site, your guests and employees can engage with one another in a safe environment. Our tactical guards are among the top in their field and have the training and tools to effectively mitigate any on-site threats to your business. We offer tactical response security services in Toronto and across Ontario that protect your people and your property.

Working with tactical response security personnel in Toronto offers a range of unique benefits and amenities across Ontario, including:

  • Transparent Risk Assessment Analysis
  • Swiftly Responding to Potential Threats and Harmful Situations
  • Fostering Personal Connections with Guests and Employees for Peace of Mind
  • Implementing Innovative Protective Resources
  • Protecting Visitors from Theft, Vandalism, Property Damages and More

At West Egg Security, we’re proud to be a leader in direct security management in Toronto and across Ontario, specializing in experienced tactical response.


With over 50 years of experience, we’ve worked with clients across a spectrum of industries to deliver strategic security solutions. We understand the nuances involved in our clients’ daily responsibilities and will always tailor our services to meet their needs. Our tactical security services are priced fairly to meet industry standards and ensure we’re able to offer exceptional services without overwhelming costs.


Whether we’re providing gatehouse operations for an industrial company or parking enforcement for a local retailer, our clients trust their West Egg security specialist to deliver the highest-quality results. Our tactical security personnel are trained to swiftly respond to any security-related incidents, ensure restricted areas are secure, and ensure guests feel safe on your premises.

The cost of hiring tactical security personnel can vary depending on a range of factors, including the number of personnel and the scope of responsibilities requested. At West Egg Security, we work with our clients directly to determine if a tactical response specialist is right for their business operations.


Upon determining the appropriate tactical response services, we’ll provide a comprehensive price breakdown for your convenience and peace of mind.

West Egg Security is proud to be a tactical security company offering a selection of premium management and surveillance services in Toronto and across Ontario.


We help clients across diverse industries enhance their current practices with strategic solutions and customized human resource planning.


Contact us today to learn about our specialized tactical security services.