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West Egg Security is the premier provider of high-quality security services. For over 50 years, we’ve built an esteemed team of security management professionals to provide strategic security solutions to residential, commercial, and corporate clients.

Learn how our esteemed security company in Toronto can help you elevate your business operations anywhere in Ontario.

Our Security Services

West Egg Security provides an elevated level of protection to clients. We offer a range of customized security services to ensure your customers and guests can work and live comfortably.

With over 50 years of direct security management experience, we help clients in the public and private sectors enhance protection in their residential, commercial, and corporate properties.

Our bespoke services are designed to meet your short-term and long-term security needs.

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Protecting your commercial property is our top priority. With our esteemed commercial security services, you can take advantage of our concierge, patrolling, and surveillance services.

We work alongside our clients to ensure their guests and properties are protected at all costs.

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Our residential security services can be customized to match your preferences and work within your budget. Our WSIB-approved guards offer the highest level of security and protection.

We’re committed to delivering quality residential protection to landlords and their tenants.

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Your corporate facility requires an advanced level of security and protection. Our corporate security services are designed to preserve the integrity of your property alongside every guest, customer, and visitor.

Our highly-trained guards deliver the end-to-end security solutions you deserve.

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Our mobile security services offer maximum coverage for clients in the public and private sectors. We provide 24/7 protection to ensure your property and your people are secure.

Our mobile security guards will perform routine check-ups and respond to on-site incidents without hesitation.

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Through esteemed partnerships with our West Egg sister companies, we’re able to offer a broader range of specialty security services, including:

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Strategic Security Solutions

At West Egg Security, we hold our security services to the highest standards. Our security guards are WSIB-approved and are actively engaged in their environments. Their presence promotes order and civility, providing our clients and their guests with the peace of mind they deserve.

If faced with a threat, our security personnel are trained to act swiftly and safely, ensuring the problem is contained until local police arrive on-site. Trust our experienced security company to protect your people and your property.

The West Egg Security Experience

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We offer an enhanced, customer service-based approach to our security services. We work closely with our clients to ensure their short-term and long-term needs are met.

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Trained Personnel

Our security personnel understand the importance of keeping our clients and their guests safe in public and private spaces. Our WSIB-approved security guards are at the top of their field, providing the highest-quality security and protection.

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Customized Services

Our clients deserve security services that have been tailored to meet their needs. We dedicate our efforts to customizing our range of professional security services to ensure each client’s preferences and budget are met.

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We believe quality security services should never put a strain on your company’s finances. Our services are designed to reflect your budget without compromising the security and safety of your patrons.

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Bespoke Approach

When you work alongside our experienced security company, you’ll experience our bespoke approach to traditional security services. We offer customized solutions that match our clients’ preferences for a one-of-a-kind experience.


Peace of Mind

We understand the importance of protecting your customers and guests at all costs. Our professional security services are designed to reduce your stress and overwhelm while ensuring your patrons can live and work comfortably.

Security Done Differently

At West Egg Security, we offer an elevated solution to traditional security services. We incorporate a customer service-based approach to our operations. We act as partners with our clients, helping them discover the possibilities only a professional security company can provide.


We provide an innovative approach to security solutions, having cultivated a client and guest-focused operation that cannot be matched by other security providers. We leverage our brands’ hospitality and service expertise to create one-of-a-kind bespoke security services, ranging from corporate security to commercial concierge. Our experienced management team and security personnel understand the importance of forging personal relationships with guests and patrons, adding a personal touch to their services.


As specialists in private and public sector security, we work with clients across a broad range of industries to ensure their people and properties are protected. We’re your elite security partners, adding convenience and peace of mind to your business operations. Learn more about our areas of expertise.

Get Security Services Today

If you’re looking for high-quality security, look no further than West Egg Security. As a leader in professional security solutions, we provide a broad range of esteemed services in both the public and private sectors.

We’ve worked with clients across diverse industries to upgrade their current security practices, incorporating highly-trained personnel and the latest industry technology. Contact our security management specialists today to take the next step.