Parking Enforcement Services

West Egg Security is a professional security guard company in Toronto specializing in parking enforcement services for private businesses. Our Toronto parking enforcement services are offered across Ontario and designed to add an extra layer of protection for our clients. We ensure traffic flow is maintained, guests have access to your property, and public safety is always prioritized.

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Elevated Parking Enforcement Services

At West Egg Security, we offer customized parking enforcement services designed to enhance your current safety measures and ensure all guests and visitors can safely enter and exit your premises. Private property owners not only manage the inner workings of their operations but must ensure their guests can safely park on their property and are aware of municipal regulations.

With a professional parking enforcement officer on-site, you can feel rest assured knowing every detail is cared for and guests are abiding by parking by-laws.

Strategic Parking Enforcement Solutions

With over 50 years of direct security management experience, we’ve created strategic security solutions for businesses across a wide range of industries, ranging from retail and hospitality to healthcare and entertainment. We help our clients protect their private property from damage and ensure all guests are aware of any municipal and company-issued regulations.

With our trusted tactical security personnel on-site, you can feel confident knowing your property is always secure. Choose West Egg Security for experienced parking enforcement in Toronto & Ontario.

West Egg Security

West Egg Security is proud to be a leader in residentialcommercial, and corporate security solutions, specializing in parking enforcement services in Toronto and across Ontario. With over 50 years of direct management experience, we help clients enhance their current security measures with our innovative tools and resources. We offer customized services to reflect your company’s unique needs while offering fair and transparent pricing for our services.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Parking Enforcement

Parking enforcement is a service designed to help private businesses to enhance their security measures. An enforcement officer is assigned to monitor your property and ensure visitors are abiding by municipal parking by-laws and parking in appropriate areas without disrupting the flow of traffic.

Parking enforcement for private businesses in Toronto and across Ontario is often carried out by a professional security company with expertise and experience in the industry. A uniformed parking enforcement officer is assigned to issue necessary parking tickets, ensure drivers aren’t in violation of any rules or regulations and report any unauthorized vehicles.

As a business owner, you have a long list of responsibilities to attend to on a daily basis. A professional parking enforcement company ensures that dealing with parking violations and traffic disputes is never one of them.


At West Egg Security, we offer turnkey parking enforcement services that cater to your company’s needs. Our officers ensure all guests abide by parking rules and regulations and will ensure there is a consistent flow of traffic throughout the day. We take the time to address your guests’ concerns and help them find available parking spots while ensuring any tickets are issued to vehicles that have parked in unlawful areas.


With our expertise and resources, we’re able to take the weight and stress of parking management off your plate, allowing you to focus on your daily business operations.

At West Egg Security, our Toronto parking enforcement services offered across Ontario provide a range of unique benefits to our clients and their business operations, including:

  • Ensuring All Vehicles are Permitted on Premises
  • Upholding Legal Parking in Assigned Disabled Parking Spaces
  • Additional Layer of Security for Your Private Property
  • Emergency Support
  • Attending to Community Members and Assisting with Parking Availability
  • Coordinating Efficient and Secure Traffic Flow


We help businesses enhance their security protocols and ensure their guests and community members feel at ease using their facility.


To learn more about the benefits of customized parking enforcement services in Toronto and across Ontario, contact West Egg Security today.

West Egg Security is proud to offer premier parking enforcement in Toronto and throughout Ontario. We work directly with clients across a range of industries to create customized security plans that reflect their needs and budget.


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