Corporate Security Services

West Egg Security is Toronto’s leader in corporate security, armed with over 50 years of experience providing direct security management across Ontario. Through our unparalleled hospitality and service expertise, we build lasting relationships with corporate organizations.

Our corporate security services are customized to meet our clients’ short-term and long-term needs. We understand the pivotal role security companies in Toronto and Ontario play for local businesses and offer strategic security solutions to private businesses across a spectrum of diverse industries. Learn how our corporate security services can help you enhance your business operations.

Elevated Corporate Security Services

In today’s competitive corporate market, businesses must be able to provide their employees and clients with the proper protection and safety to ensure their operations can run efficiently. At West Egg Security, we offer a selection of specialized security services for private businesses and organizations in Toronto and across Ontario. Our corporate service is designed with our clients’ needs in mind.

We work alongside our clients to determine which service is right for their business, ensuring full transparency and open communication at every stage of the process. 

We’re proud to be your partners in protection.

Why Hire a Toronto Corporate Security Company in Ontario

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Enhanced Customer Service

Our corporate security service is designed with a customer-first focus, ensuring guests and employees are protected from a wide range of workplace crimes and threats.

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Peace of Mind

We offer an elevated approach to traditional security that can be customized to small, mid-size, and large businesses in Toronto and across Ontario for the best protection & peace of mind.

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Trained Tactical Security Guards

With a trained tactical security guard on-site, your employees can continue to represent your business with pride, knowing their protection and the comfort of your clients are prioritized.

Strategic Security Solutions

At West Egg Security, we’re proud to be leaders in direct security management with over 50 years of industry experience. Through a foundation of honesty, professionalism, quality, and engagement, we’ve helped businesses across a range of diverse industries enhance their operations and provide their clients and employees with the protection they deserve.

Whether you’re looking for round-the-clock surveillance or you need highly-calibre security guards for your next event, trust West Egg Security to provide the bespoke approach to corporate security.

West Egg Security

West Egg Security is proud to provide high-quality security solutions in Toronto and across Ontario. We offer a range of specialized services for both the public and private sectors, tailored to meet our clients’ needs and budgets. Through our hospitality and direct security management experience, we’re able to offer a selection of premium security services that benefit businesses and organizations across a wide range of industries, ranging from healthcare to banking, manufacturing, electronics and more.

Whether you’re looking for short-term or long-term security, trust West Egg Security to provide elevated solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions About Corporate Security Services

A corporate security service can be utilized by small, mid-size, and large businesses or organizations, providing protection against workplace crimes and exterior threats, ranging from theft and vandalism to assault and property damage.


An on-site security guard or team of security personnel will be assigned to the corporate property to monitor visitor access, ensure the safety of the structure itself, and manage any disputes that could compromise the safety of employees and guests.

Businesses of all sizes can be subjected to harmful activity and dangerous threats, ranging from theft and vandalism to property damage and assault. With a professional security guard on-site, the risk of crime is significantly reduced, providing the comfort and peace of mind you, your customers, and your employees deserve.


At West Egg Security, we offer a selection of customized corporate security solutions in Toronto and across Ontario to protect private businesses from unwanted visitors and workplace crimes. Our on-site guards are trained to monitor ongoing activity and swiftly respond to any unusual or dangerous circumstances until police are able to arrive on the scene.

We offer our clients a broad selection of premium corporate security solutions in Toronto and across Ontario. Our customized services include but aren’t limited to:

  • Uniformed Personnel
  • Video Surveillance
  • Mobile Patrol
  • Event Security
  • Concierge Services


We’ll work with you directly to determine which security service is right for your business, ensuring your specifications are met to the letter, providing you with the protection and peace of mind you deserve.

Corporate security can be a valuable tool for private businesses and organizations, offering a range of benefits, including:

  • Protection Against Theft and Fraud
  • Increased Employee Safety
  • Meeting Health & Safety Requirements
  • 24/7 Video Surveillance
  • Enhanced Risk Management


At West Egg Security, we’ll work with you directly to determine your corporate security service needs and how we can help facilitate the proper protection for your clients and employees.

While each offers its own unique benefits to clients, it’s important to differentiate between the two to determine which is best suited to your business or organization.


Commercial security is designed to protect any public dwelling, including retail stores, malls, and hospitality spaces. Commercial security guards will monitor the entire property and ensure customers and employees are safe from theft, vandalism, harassment and more.


Corporate security is designed to provide protection and surveillance for private companies, including monitoring and managing visitor access and events, ranging from conventions and trade shows to shareholder meetings and VIP events.

West Egg Security is Toronto’s premier security company, specializing in corporate, residential, and commercial security across Ontario. We offer a wide selection of customized services designed to enhance our clients’ current business operations and increase protection for their employees, customers, and welcomed guests.


With over 50 years of industry experience, we understand the complexities and nuances involved in corporate security and have worked diligently to perfect each specialized service in our arsenal. Our clients trust our security guards to respond swiftly to potential threats, effectively monitor interior and exterior surroundings, and engage with guests professionally to ensure their peace of mind.


We work closely with our clients to ensure they’re continuously satisfied with our services. Our bespoke security solutions are unlike any you’ll find elsewhere.

The cost of West Egg’s Toronto corporate security services can vary depending on the number of security personnel required, the overall time frame and scope of services and location in Ontario. We work directly with clients to determine which service is best suited to their operations and will provide a transparent breakdown of our costs.


Get in touch with our team today to learn about our pricing options.

West Egg is proud to offer industry-leading corporate security in Toronto and across Ontario. We offer tailored solutions to help our clients redefine their current practices and offer greater protection to their guests and employees.


Contact us today to find the right Toronto corporate security solution to enhance your business operations anywhere in Ontario.