Commercial Security Services

West Egg Security is an experienced commercial security company in Toronto and Ontario, offering an innovative approach to traditional security services.

Whatever your commercial security needs may be, our services can be tailored to your budget and business objective. At West Egg Security, we ensure a one-of-a-kind commercial security service. Learn how our trusted security company can elevate your business operations and protect your customers.

Elevated Commercial Security Services

Commercial properties experience high volumes of customers and guests on a daily basis. With a consistent flow of traffic and multiple points of entry available, investing in commercial security services not only protects your property but the people inside it. At West Egg Security, we put our clients and their guests first. Our security services are customized to meet your business objectives and ensure every patron feels comfortable entering your public facility.

With highly-trained personnel on-site and the latest technology and equipment at their disposal, you can experience an elevated approach to traditional security.

Why Hire a Professional Commercial Security Company?

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Enhanced Customer Service

We offer a customer-focused approach to traditional security in Toronto and across Ontario, ensuring your guests and patrons feel safe and comfortable engaging with your products or services.

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Peace of Mind

With our professional tools and resources at your disposal, you can focus your attention on your daily business operations with the peace of mind knowing your guests are taken care of.

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Trained Guards

Our highly-trained, WSIB-approved tactical security personnel are leaders in their field, providing the security and protection you need to foster long-lasting relationships with your customers.

Strategic Commercial Security Solutions

At West Egg Security, we understand every client’s security needs are unique. Our commercial security services are designed to serve critical infrastructure, Class A buildings, logistics services, large building facilities and more.


Choose West Egg Security for commercial security in Toronto & Ontario, we work within your budget for a seamless and safer approach. We have the tools and resources to ensure your people and property are protected.

West Egg Security

West Egg Security is your trusted security company in Toronto with over 50 years of experience and leadership in security across Ontario.

We take strategic measures to ensure your commercial properties and staff are free of potential threats, ensuring customers and employees can safely engage with one another. We’re your partners in protection.

Frequently Asked Questions About Commercial Security Services

Commercial security is designed to offer more detailed and comprehensive protection to public businesses and organizations. These services can range from video surveillance to on-site guards. Guards and personnel working in this sector are often required to cover larger spaces and engage with more customers and visitors on a daily basis.

A commercial security company is a business that provides professional safety solutions for public businesses and organizations. They are responsible for ensuring the safety and protection of any guests, visitors, and employees. Their duties can vary depending on the business itself.

Public properties require a more detailed level of security services than residential properties. Whether you’re operating a retail establishment, public office space, or hospitality business, you’re likely to encounter a large volume of guests and visitors on a daily basis and with a higher volume of activity, having trained personnel on-site can provide customers and employees with the peace of mind they need to safely engage with one another.


Working with a professional security company in Toronto and Ontario not only protects your property from harmful activity, including theft and vandalism but also protects your guests and patrons from potentially dangerous threats.


At West Egg Security, we work closely with our clients to determine which service is right for their operations. We offer a customized solution to traditional protective practices for a one-of-a-kind bespoke approach to public safety.

At West Egg Security, we offer a selection of commercial security services for various industries, including:


Retail Stores & Malls

With a large volume of customers entering your retail establishment on a daily basis, on-site personnel will ensure they have the freedom to safely shop and engage with store employees while ensuring your items and property itself are equally safe from harm.


Office Buildings

With an on-site guard protecting your office, your employees can continue to scale your business operations knowing they’re safe from unwanted visitors and any harmful activity.


Hospitality Centres

In the hospitality industry, safety and comfort are the top priorities. With a West Egg Security service, you can feel at ease knowing your guests and employees can safely interact and experience your services without hesitation.

Commercial security services offer a selection of benefits and amenities to businesses and organizations, including:


Emergency Response

Having security personnel on-site ensures any tripped alarms, calls from employees or customers, or any suspicious activity caught on surveillance is addressed swiftly and safely without escalating the situation at hand.


Protection Against Intruders

Intruders are less likely to approach any public space and engage in illegal or dangerous activities if there are uniformed personnel on-site.


Customized Protection

Many public businesses require a customized security service that caters to their unique sites, products, and customers. Incorporating professional commercial security solutions ensures your business can operate safely and successfully.

Commercial and residential properties require professional protection for their own designated purposes.


Commercial security personnel are assigned to businesses in hospitality, retail, and other customer-focused industries. Concierge security personnel assigned to a commercial property are responsible for protecting customers and employees from theft, shoplifting, harassment, and vandalism.


Conversely, residential security services protect tenants and guests living in a condominium or gated community. A guard assigned to this type of property is responsible for monitoring and surveillance visitors, building access and protecting tenants from theft and property vandalism.

At West Egg Security, we provide an elevated approach to traditional security solutions in Toronto and across Ontario. We help residential, commercial, and corporate clients redefine what it means to offer security and protection to their guests and employees.


Our services are customized to each client, reflecting their needs and budget for a truly unique experience. We offer a selection of premium options for your convenience and peace of mind.


Contact our team today to learn more about our specialty security services.

The cost of a commercial security service in Toronto and across Ontario can vary depending on several factors, including the number of personnel or guards required and the time frame needed for such services.


At West Egg Security, we work directly with our clients to determine which of our commercial security services are best suited to their needs and will customize our services to work within their budget.


Contact our team today to learn more about our pricing options.

West Egg is proud to offer professional commercial security in Toronto and across Ontario. We work with residential, commercial, and corporate clients to enhance their current protective measures and provide their guests and patrons with the highest level of protection.


Contact our team today to find the right commercial security service for your business.