Mobile Patrol Supervisor

LOCATION: 515 Consumers Rd., North York ON M2J 4Z2

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West Egg Security offers strategic security solutions and customized human resource planning and management to organizations across diverse industries. Our management team, led by professionals with decades of people management experience in varied vertical markets, provides an unparalleled level of support to our partners and team members.

West Egg Security is looking for a Mobile Patrol Supervisor who plays a critical role in maintaining and developing strong relationships between on-ground security guards and the management team. This position requires excellent leadership, communication, and problem-solving skills, along with a strong understanding of security principles and procedures. The role involves collaborating with a diverse multicultural team and effectively managing resources to achieve optimal security outcomes, including supervising mobile patrol operations, ensuring adherence to security protocols, and maintaining a high level of security for the assigned areas.

Job Duties

  • Relationship building: Foster positive relationships with community members, local organizations, businesses, and stakeholders. Act as a liaison between community members and law enforcement agencies or other relevant entities.
  • Safety promotion: Raise awareness about safety issues and initiatives within the community. Educate community members on crime prevention strategies, personal safety, emergency preparedness, and relevant local resources.
  • Community engagement: Actively engage with community members by organizing and participating in community events, meetings, and workshops. Facilitate discussions on safety concerns, gather feedback, and involve community members in problem-solving efforts.
  • Safety patrols and monitoring: Conduct regular patrols within the community to monitor and identify potential safety risks, hazards, or suspicious activities. Report findings to appropriate authorities or organizations and collaborate on implementing appropriate solutions.
  • Conflict resolution and mediation: Mediate conflicts and disputes between community members whenever possible. Employ effective communication and conflict resolution techniques to de-escalate tense situations and promote peaceful resolutions.
  • Emergency response and support: Provide assistance and support during emergencies or crisis situations, such as natural disasters or community incidents. Collaborate with emergency services, coordinate evacuation plans, and provide guidance to community members.
  • Resource coordination: Connect community members with available resources and services related to safety, such as victim support programs, mental health services, or legal assistance. Maintain an updated database of relevant community resources.
  • Data collection and reporting: Collect and document data related to safety incidents, community concerns, and the effectiveness of implemented programs or initiatives. Prepare reports and analysis to inform decision-making and identify trends or areas for improvement.
  • Collaboration and networking: Collaborate with local law enforcement agencies, community organizations, and other stakeholders to develop and implement community safety initiatives. Foster partnerships and leverage resources to maximize the impact of safety efforts.
  • Community education: Develop and deliver educational materials, workshops, and presentations on safety-related topics. Provide training to community members on topics such as crime prevention, personal safety, or neighborhood watch programs.

Job Requirements

  • One (1) year of security experience and 1 year of security supervisor experience (Preferably mobile security) in Canada
  • Excellent written & verbal communication and active listening skills
  • Able to walk/patrol for a 12-hour shift
  • Valid Class G license with the clean drivers abstract
  • Wearing steel-toe shoes/boots is mandatory

Compensation: $21 per hour