Event Security Guard

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West Egg Security offers strategic security solutions and customized human resource planning and management to organizations across diverse industries. Our management team, led by professionals with decades of people management experience in varied vertical markets, provides an unparalleled level of support to our partners and team members.

We are looking for Event Security Guards, which typically involves a customer service approach to ensure the safety and security of individuals, property, and assets during various events. Event security guards are responsible for maintaining order, preventing disruptions, and responding to emergencies to ensure a safe environment for attendees and staff. This is a stupendous platform to enhance your skills by performing common duties and responsibilities associated with the role, such as crowd control, access control, security patrols, conflict resolution, security screening, communication and reporting, and fire watch. Please note that specific responsibilities may vary depending on the nature and size of the event, as well as the requirements set by the event organizer or security company. Some events, such as concerts, festivals, or sporting events, may require additional specialized training or certifications.

Job Duties

  • Crowd management: Maintaining control over crowds, directing foot traffic, and ensuring orderly entry and exit during events. This involves managing queues, checking tickets or credentials, and aiding or guidance to attendees.
  • Access control: Monitoring entrances and exits, verifying identification, and enforcing event-specific access restrictions. This includes preventing unauthorized entry or prohibited items from being brought into the venue.
  • Security patrols: Conducting regular patrols of the event venue to deter and detect potential security threats or suspicious activities. This may involve monitoring CCTV cameras, inspecting areas for signs of damage or tampering, and reporting any incidents or hazards.
  • Emergency response: Responding promptly to incidents, accidents, or medical emergencies within the event premises. Event security guards should be trained in first aid, CPR, and emergency evacuation procedures to provide immediate assistance and coordinate with appropriate emergency services.
  • Conflict resolution: Resolving conflicts or disputes that may arise during events, such as altercations between attendees or disruptions caused by unruly behavior. Event security guards should possess strong communication and de-escalation skills to defuse tense situations and maintain a calm and controlled atmosphere.
  • Security screenings: Conducting bag checks, metal detector screenings, or other security protocols to ensure the safety of attendees and prevent prohibited items from entering the event area. This may involve operating security equipment and following established protocols to maintain a high level of security.
  • Communication and reporting: Maintaining effective communication with event organizers, fellow security personnel, and emergency services. Event security guards should accurately document incidents, write detailed reports, and provide relevant information to support post-event evaluations or investigations.
  • Fire and safety protocols: Familiarity with fire safety measures and protocols to respond to fire emergencies, evacuate attendees safely, and coordinate with fire authorities if needed. Event security guards should be aware of the location of fire exits, fire extinguishers, and emergency evacuation routes.
  • Customer service: Providing a positive and professional experience for event attendees by offering assistance, answering questions, and addressing concerns. Event security guards should possess good interpersonal skills and be able to interact with attendees in a friendly and approachable manner.
  • Compliance with regulations: Adhering to local laws, regulations, and event-specific security policies and procedures. Event security guards should stay updated on relevant security regulations and guidelines and ensure compliance throughout the event.

Job Requirements

  • Security Guard licence
  • One (1) year of security guard related experience.
  • One (1) year of customer service-related experience.
  • Excellent written & verbal communication and active listening skills.
  • Able to work on weekends and on-call.

Compensation: From $17 per hour